13th Internatıonal Congress of Ottoman Socıal and Economıc Hıstory (ICOSEH)



It is our pleasure to announce that the 13th International Congress of Ottoman Economic and Social History (ICOSEH) will be held in Alcalá de Henares (World Heritage Unesco), a university city 25 km northeast of Madrid, which is easily accessible from Madrid. Arrangements for this meeting are being handled under the auspices of International Association of Ottoman Social and Economic History (IAOSEH) chaired by Professor Halil İnalcık. The local organizers are Fernando Fernández Lanza and Emilio Sola (Universidad de Alcalá).

As in previous meetings, papers are expected to be on aspects of the economic and social history of the Ottoman Empire. The Executive Committee of IAOSEH and the Organizing Committee urge the submission of pre-organized panels/sessions and workshops as well as individual papers.



Individual papers will be organized into sections by the Organizing Committee. Abstracts for individual papers should not exceed 500 words.

Pre-organized panels/sessions should consist of three papers, plus an analysis of them by a discussant (or a designated chair) of ten to fifteen minutes maximum length. The papers should center on a single theme or question, and the panel proposal should include an abstract (500 words maximum) for the entire panel explaining its theme and rationale and how the individual papers contribute to that theme, in addition to an individual abstract (500 words maximum) for each paper. Abstracts should have a focused statement of thesis and indicate clearly the sources employed (if applicable).

Also welcome are thematic workshops/roundtables organized by Chair(s) around specific problems or debates in the field. We encourage panels and workshops on any aspects of the Ottomans and the Mediterranean. Workshops / roundtables should consist of short (10-minute) presentations by the Panelists / invited participants (four to six speakers), leaving a longer time for discussion of the problem or question. The proposal for a workshop should specify the problem or debate being addressed and its significance, as well as a summary of each panelist’s contribution to the discussion.

Applicants should supply the provisional paper titles and abstracts and/or the initial proposals and abstracts for pre-organized sessions and workshops by May 1, 2013 (icosehalcala@gmail.com). The proposals will go through a selection process by the Committees, and the applicants will be notified by late May.

The conference languages are English, Turkish and Spanish. Papers read in Turkish and Spanish should be accompanied by a brief summary in English. The reduced registration fee for the congress is 90 Euro in case of early booking by June 15, 2013, and the normal fee will be 110 Euro in case of later booking. The fees should be paid to the account opened on behalf of IAOSEH under the name of Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá (13th International Congress of Ottoman Socail and Economic History).  The fees will cover the expenses of coffee breaks including a cold buffet, city tours, and a reception. Lunches, accommodation, and travel expenses will have to be paid by the participants.

Details on how to reach Alcalá de Henares about accommodation options (with prices) as well as the account no. will be provided in the second circular letter after the final confirmation of applications by the Executive Committee of IAOSEH. Booking of rooms will be done directly with the different hotels, a list of which will be included in the second circular letter.

Organización y Contacto

The Organizing Committee

  • Özlem Kumrular, Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul
  • Fernando Fernández Lanza, Director de Asuntos Culturales de la Universidad de Alcalá
  • Emilio Sola Castano Castaño, Prof. of Modern History, Universidad de Alcalá
  • Linda T. Darling, Member of the Board of IAOSEH
  • Claudia Römer, Member of the Board of IAOSEH
  • Mahmoud Yazbak, Member of the Board of IAOSEH
  • Oktay Özel, General Secretary of the Board of IAOSEH

Contact Persons:

Info Evento

  • Lugar: Alcalá de Henares (Spain)
  • Fecha: 1-5 October, 2013
  • Organiza: Universidad de Alcalá, Bahçeşehir University, IAOSEH
  • Web:
  • Teléfono:
  • Email:
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