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    10 Must-Read Books if You’re a Gamer

    Video games are fun to play, but if you consider yourself a true hardcore gamer, learning more about your favorite mobile app installs can be just as enjoyable. Put down the controller and give these video game-related books a try.

    The Ultimate History of Video Games

    ‘The Ultimate History of Video Games’ takes a detailed look at video game history and provides an inside look to how the modern era was reached. Readers are treated quotes from gaming’s best luminaries as they discover how the early days of gaming transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry.


    Some of the greatest minds of videogames such as Cliff Bleszinski, Will Wright, and Shigeru Miyamoto are interviewed in this book that takes an insider look at the video game industry. ‘Smartbomb’ is the culmination of five years of research and gives a glimpse into one of the pinnacle moments in time for video game history.

    Game Over

    Surprisingly, not many English books focusing on the history of Nintendo exist. This is remedied with ‘Game Over,’ a book that details the history of the video game giant from its 19th-century roots to its domination of the gaming industry during the 1990s. Who knew Mario was so interesting?

    Dungeons and Dreamers: The Rise of Computer Game Culture

    Atari and Nintendo receive a lot of credit, but the oldest home video game platform is the personal computer. Dive into the past of computer gaming and see how early developers and gaming visionaries open the doors for modern PC game enthusiasts.

    Masters of Doom

    Can you believe there was A time where first-person shooters did not exist? In fact, the video game ‘Doom’ was so popular, many games following its basic design were called ‘Doom’ clones. ‘Masters of Doom’ chronicles the unlikely rise of video game developer id Software as it revolutionized gaming.

    3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop

    Not all gamers concern themselves with the ins and outs of video game history. If you are interested in creating video game art assets, ‘3D Game Textures: Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop’ is an excellent resource that not only teaches the mechanics of creating game art, but also the theory behind color, lighting, and much more.

    High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games

    This coffee table book is filled with beautiful imagery from video game history. Not only that, ‘High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games’ contains interesting facts, interviews, and anecdotes any game enthusiast can appreciate.

    Replay: The History of Video Games

    Sure, plenty of books regarding video game history exist. However, ‘Replay: The History of Video Games’ is the rare example that provides an in-depth look into the history of the European video game industry.


    ‘Power-Up’ provides a detailed look at video game history from the Japanese point of view. Some readers may be too young to remember, but prior to Nintendo’s dominance, the video game industry nearly collapsed with only arcades and some PC games making an impact. This book shows how the Japanese game industry resurrected a nearly dead market.

    Paid to Play: An Insider’s Guide to Video Game Careers

    Any game enthusiast looking to make money from their passion should read ‘Paid To Play: An Insider’s Guide to Video Game Careers.’ From QA testing to journalism, this book provides information on video game-related jobs in a lighthearted fashion.