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    Some of the most popular universities/colleges both private and public are located in the western United States. With three seasons and warm weather most of the year around, this created by research paper helper for students. Located throughout California, some of these institutes are located on over 1,400 acres to accommodate nearly 37,000 students where as others have only 3,000 enrollments. They specialize in a range of graduate and undergraduate degrees including science, liberal arts, and business.

    Long Beach
    Long Beach (CSULB) is one of the largest universities in the California State System. It is located on 323 acres of land and has a magnificent, distinctive pyramid shape sporting complex. Located on impressive landscape, the institute was awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for strengths in sciences and liberal arts. Business administration is the one the most popular majors for undergraduates. There are nearly 37,000 enrollments and over 30,000 undergraduates.

    Cal Poly Pomona
    Sitting east of Los Angeles, Cal Poly Pomona has one of the largest acres of any institute in the United States. It resides on 1,438 acres and is popular for undergraduates. The institute emphasizes student research, problem solving, service learning, and internships. There are over 280 organizations and clubs ensuring the students are fully involved and engaged as a community. The campus holds over 21,000 enrollments and 19,000 of these are undergraduates.

    Cal State Los Angeles
    Cal State Los Angeles (CSULA) is located in the University Hills district of the city. There are 51 graduate degree programs and 59 undergraduate programs that lead to a bachelor?s degree. The most popular studies for undergraduates are business administration, criminal justice, and education. Social work is also ranked as a popular choice among students. The campus holds 20,743 enrollments of which nearly 16,000 are undergraduates.